Movement For The Mind

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Why Practice Yoga?

Yoga is your gateway to the mind and is preparation for your sitting meditation practice which is often forgotten. The body and the mind are in a constant state of interaction. Using your breath and movement quietens the mind because when you're focussing on breathing, balancing or doing a difficult pose and feeling the physical sensations of the pose in yoga then the mind doesn't have much capacity to throw you more thoughts. It helps to train the brain to stay in the PRESENT moment.

Doing yoga is a method to release stagnant emotions, stress and tension in the body. The most common areas people store stress and tension are in the shoulders, back, neck, legs and hips but it manifests differently for different bodies. Sometimes we literally feel the 'weight of the world on our shoulders' or you can sometimes cry at the end of yoga classes for apparently no reason - it's just stagnant emotions leaving the body which is good for us!

Yoga is for everyone. It is not about perfecting the pose but feeling the pose at wherever you are. Yoga even to the best practitioner always results with the humbling realisation that somedays your body will just not be manipulated into a particular pose. 

I take a mindful approach to teaching yoga... with a focus on mindful movement, breathing and noticing the experience while holding poses rather than focusing on the physical perfection of the pose. I teach all levels from children to adults and beginners. 

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Your body is your subconscious mind

Dr Candace Pert, Neuroscientist


My Experience With Yoga

Yoga started out being personally transformational for me physically in terms of alleviating chronic back pain from being a competitive athlete and high-jumper.

However, it has also provided me relief from a very stressful job in finance and a much deeper understanding of the connection between how the mind and the body work together. The power of yoga to transform my mind and my emotions has lead me down the path of becoming a teacher not only on the physical aspects of yoga but also from on the mental and emotional aspects of ourselves.  

I completed my 200 hours Hatha yoga teacher training in 2016 with Arun Rana at Pure Yoga and have since trained in Yoga Therapy with Arun Rana, Yoga Therapuetics with Ross Rayburn, Rainbow Kids Yoga and iRest® Yoga Nidra.


Mind-Body Flow

A proprietary 60 minutes class focussed on the mind-body connection.

Co-Founded by Davina

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