Davina Ho - Founder


Meditation is no longer simply a practice that I do separate from life. I see it as an integral part of everything I do in life. 

Meditation and yoga have been transformative for me in so many ways. I grew up in a household of mental illness and alcoholism. I felt like I went from one war zone at home to the next battling the financial markets, starting my career at the peak of the markets in 2007. I became a workaholic focussed on my career rather than my personal development and healing and developed major anxiety, depression and burnout over the years which lead me to leaving the industry in 2016. This wake-up moment lead me in the search of techniques and tools that start from a place of PREVENTION.


On top of my yoga and meditation certifications, I've travelled the world taking workshops and trainings with some of the world's leading spiritual leaders and energy healers as well as studying from leading practitioners on meditation, yoga, health and wellbeing.

A few of my selected favourite teachers are Dr Joe Dispenza, Dr Bruce Liption, Dr Gabor Mate, Caroline Myss, Otto Scharmer, Esther Hicks and the works of Paramahansa Yogananda & Ramana Maharshi.

During these tumultuous times, we need practices and tools to heal our minds and bodies from the stress of the outside world. Change is inevitable in today's fast-paced world, but we can learn to move in the world from a place of stillness, ease and peace inside.

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Today's Mental Health Crisis Is An Opportunity To Re-evaluate How We Live In The World

Just as we all have a body, we all have mental health and just as the body gets sick sometimes, so does the mind. Many of us do not have the tools, support or know where to find them when difficult times arise whether it's stress at work or sudden changes in our personal circumstances. 

Life has evolved much faster than our biology and has accelerated even more in the last 20 years with the explosion of the internet and smartphones. At the same the mental wellbeing of many has deteriorated as stress, anxiety, depression and loneliness plague their lives. We have forgotten how to be present, rest and connect with who we are resulting in us feeling disconnected from ourselves and our planet.

Not all meditations are alike, while increased focus and productivity are great benefits of a regular meditation practice, so much more can be gained from meditation including improving our mental wellbeing, emotional resilience and having the tools to deal with life's adversities with ease.