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Winter Solstice Meditation 2020 - The Age Of Aquarius And the Great Conjunction

Join me for a Winter Solstice Meditation Special… Marking The Start Of The Age Of Aquarius

21st December 2020

Singapore 8pm/UK 12pm

The Winter Solstice marks a special time during the calendar year but this year is marked by something even more special… Jupiter meets Saturn in the night sky… also known as the Great Conjunction … it will be the brightest star in the sky which will be visible mostly from the equator… and is believed to have occured when Jesus was born… The Star Of Bethlehem…

In fact, March 4, 1226, was the last closest alignment between these planets, it will be be the closest to Earth since 1623 with the last great conjunction took place on 28 May 2000. Not only this but it will happen at 0 degrees Aquarius getting astrologers excited that this heralds in the New Age of Aquarius! Topping off a significant year of astrological events!

Isn’t interesting that we call all these new healing modalities ‘New Age’ as we move from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius… it’s almost like something in our subconscious knows that we are moving into a new period of growth and enlightenment. The field of quantum physics and human consciousness has been accelerating as more people awaken to their potential as we enter this new age.

Explore what this powerful event means for you and what level of consciousness you would like to bring to this New Age.

Booking in advance here

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