Why Virtues Matter?

In this Mindful Conversation, Davina talks to Dave Feldman the Founder of Virtues Matter. Dave and his wife Dara have created an app based on the virtues that make us all human - and it's these virtues that provide a common language across borders and languages. The company is linked with a global endeavour called The Virtues Project that teaches 5 strategies on how to bring out the best in yourself which the UN and Dalai Lama have endorsed as a model of how families can raise their kids. The founder said on Oprah ’this is the guidebook kids never came with.’

It’s not just for families and children as we discuss how it can be used to relate with people in our close relationships, a guide for our business virtues and also to enhance the quality and connection of our Zoom calls that we perpetually seem to be on in the last few months.

I pulled out the card Trustworthiness from the app and Dave kindly tells me during the interview how I demonstrated this in my dealings with him… so it’s got me thinking more on how I can recognise and tell people the virtues I see in them… words such as diligence, empathy, honesty, justice resilience and self-discipline are all on there.

I’ll be more open with you all about recognising your virtues from now on. Thank you Dave!

Virtues Matter will be hosting a Zoom with Zeal masterclass this coming Friday at 9am Singapore time to teach us how we can improve our connection over Zoom keeping it light and engaging. Zoom with Zeal

Highlights from our conversation:

4:00 mins Dave talks about how his career path that lead him to along the path to mindfulness, society and sustainability

6:00 mins Dave talks about jumping into business with his wife as he noticed his wife helped to transform other people’s lives.

8:00 mins Dave talks about how these virtues can be found in our business life such as during the app’s development.

8:30 mins Dave talks about working full-time with his wife and how the Virtues Cards can be useful in relationships and in business.

11:00 mins Dave talks about how we can make our ZOOM calls more engaging.

13:15 mins Dave talks about how the virtues cards can be used with your children to learn what a virtue is.

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