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Why It’s Important To Fill Your Own Cup First As A Parent & Some Mindful Rapping!

Ben Cecchini Instagram @ben.the.bridge is the Founder of Give N Grow Basketball which provides youth with mindfulness and social emotional learning opportunities through basketball to support them in being the best they can be and he’s also an accomplished rapper!

He recently posted something on Instagram which I thought was super important and wanted to share - about filling your own cup first being able to serve. He reached out to his community to share that he had done lots of yoga and meditation and was just there for anyone who needed support right now.

Parents are really struggling at home not only with their own emotions and mental health but also navigating this with their children. His 30 minute basketball sessions for kids on Zoom are FREE and not only help the children develop mental and emotional health skills but also to give parents a 30 minute breather to go do a meditation or make a call.

You can book the sessions here on Eventbrite

Highlights here:

2:00 mins Ben talks about the oxygen mask analogy of putting your own mask on first.

4:00 mins Ben and Davina talk about their self-care practice and power hour in the morning to be in the right mindset to be present in relationships during the day

7:30 mins Ben talks about his recent lessons on impermanence from his 10 day silent meditation retreat and how it became a useful practice for today’s environment

13:30 mins Ben talks about doing one thing you love everyday to support yourself as a foundation for your family

15:30 mins Ben talks about supporting kids through his mindful basketball sessions with meditation, being present, identify emotions and about COVID-19 through movement

17:00 Ben shares his awesome mindful rap for children and young adults!

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