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What makes an emotionally intelligent leader?

In this week's Mindful Conversation, I speak to Karen Kwong, Founder of RenOc about how some global leaders are handling this crisis exceptionally well such as Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, and how leaders and managers who cultivate emotional intelligence are more likely to be successful.

We will also be hosting an hour long webinar on the 29th April Is your ego robbing you of greater success? more details on on how to book in the link.

So what are the qualities of an emotionally intelligent leader and how do you cultivate them?

Davina and Karen discuss:

1:00 min - Karen talks about how emotional intelligence makes up 85-90% of the success for leaders and the four pillars of emotional intelligence from Daniel Goleman.

6:50 mins - Karen talks about how to cultivate emotional intelligence such as self-awareness and empathy.

7:35 mins - Davina talks about a study that shows empathy has declined over the last 30 years

13:35 mins - Davina guides Karen through a 2 minute meditation to tap into the heart to develop qualities of empathy and compassion.

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