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Using Relaxation To Explore Emotional Discomfort - 25min Yoga Nidra Meditation

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In life we know that emotional discomfort and challenges will arrive... yet none of us receive training on how to work through these emotional shocks, often choosing to ignore or avoid them. I remember being totally unprepared for grief as I received a phone call at the office that one of my parents had passed away while.

In the meditation practice I teach, we learn the skill of welcoming and sitting with our emotions even the uncomfortable ones. Most other practices invite you to notice and let go... but really we are missing the opportunity to know ourselves better.

When we are able to welcome all aspects of ourselves we find wholeness.

Sitting with myself in meditation - I've learned the beauty of embracing all parts of myself. The good and the bad. Develop psychological safety and relaxation first in this meditation before exploring your own hidden dark corners that simply want to be met with kindness and curiosity.

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