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Using S.H.A.R.E To Manage This Crisis

Davina speaks to the Founder of BeingMe and BeingSattvaa, Subba Vaidyanathan, about how to manage this crisis given we are all impacted personally and professionally. None of us have been given any training to manage a crisis like this. Subba shares his simple framework to remain grounded throughout this challenging time. Anybody who is suffering mentally and emotionally, however, should seek professional help.

Highlights here:

1:05 mins Subba says people need to be a bit more forgiving of themselves and others as we’ve never been trained for a crisis like this

4:00 mins Subba explains the framework S.H.A.R.E a simple 5 step framework to help calm the mind.

Highlights here (in reverse order)

Story 10:45 mins

Hangout 9:40 mins

Activity 5:55 mins

Routine 4:50 mins

Exercise 4:10 mins

To sign-up for Subba’s free webinar on his framework S.H.A.R.E use this link.

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