Optimism Versus Positivity in Leadership Skills

In this Mindful Conversation Davina (meditationforlife.co) speaks to Karen Kwong the Founder of RenOc (renoc.co.uk) about the psychology of positivity and optimism and the impact on leadership skills.

Here’s the link that we mention on the 1 hour online workshop looking at what might be in your way of greater success?

Highlights of our conversation here:

2:30 mins Karen talks about the mental health statistics we are beginning to see during this crisis.

WEF Forum article on mental health that Davina mentions

4:58 mins Karen talks about the difference between positivity and optimism and that blind optimism is dangerous and is definitely not what positive psychology is about.

10:40 mins Karen talks about positive leadership skills and how this means you choose your response, evaluating the situation and choosing the best plan of action rather than ignoring challenges and any negativity which quickly leads your team to lose faith and trust in you.

18:00 mins Davina guides you through a quick meditation technique to bring presence to the body by simply sensing and feeling into the hands.

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