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New Year Manifesting Masterclass With Davina Ho

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

24th January 2021

8-10pm SGT on ZOOM


Book In Advance

The first class was such a hit with people manifesting parking spaces and taxis instantly after the class that I will be hosting session 2 for those who missed.

Manifest your best life!

Goal-setting is so 2000s… the age of manifesting is upon us!

Your thoughts create your world!

If you are not clear on your thoughts or what it is you want then you will get the same results… whether it’s a relationship, wealth, a new job or a new life somewhere exotic… instead of working so hard you can become a magnet for what you want.

In this class you’ll discover how to come into alignment with the universe and allow good things to flow to you naturally. When you work in alignment with better feeling thoughts using your heart and not your head magical things begin to happen. Suddenly you get a call from a recruiter about a dream job, or you get an unexpected lump sum of money from somewhere or you meet your life partner by going to that spur of the moment art event that was right up your alley.

Manifesting isn’t about control, it’s not about goal-setting and its not about an action plan, it’s about aligning to your feelings and emotions. Anyone can manifest.

In this 2 hour masterclass you will:

  • Define your dreams, desires and intentions with clarity for 2021

  • Uncover your limiting beliefs blocking you from success

  • Learn several techniques and tools that top manifestors use

  • Understand the power of the Law of Attraction

  • Learn why yoga nidra meditation is one of the best meditation practices to manifest your desires

  • Enjoy a 45 minute guided yoga nidra meditation infused with powerful quantum energy to set your manifestations for 2021

About Davina Ho

I’ve trained with some of the top manifestation experts in the world - I’ve read books by and studied with the likes of Joe Dispenza, Lynn McTaggart, Gabrielle Bernstein, Anodea Judith, Esther Hicks, Joseph Murphy, Byron Katie, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Mike Dooley. And in this class I will distill some of my favourite tools and techniques that have helped me manifest through the power of thought alone… I’ll share some of the small and big things that have happened on my journey using the power of manifestation.


What you will need:

  • A computer with access to ZOOM

  • A much loved notebook or journal

  • A quiet space where you will not be disturbed

  • A comfortable spot to be able to lie down in

  • Headphones, small pillow for your head, eye pillow & blanket

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