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How You Can Harness Yogic Astrology To Set Your Master Intention For 2022

Picture this... a clear intention that is unique to you that has the full backing of the universe vibrationally. In this article I'm going to share with you how you can set a Master Intention for 2022 that will help you manifest what you want.

One of the biggest issues my clients come to me with is that they don’t know what they want when I ask them to set an intention. They have lots of things they’re not happy with in their life whether it’s their own habits, behaviours or in their relationships with others. And they have lots of things they want; to lose weight, to be happy, to find love, to quit smoking, to meditate everyday…

They also feel that it’s really difficult to bring one to fruition so they flip flop between them depending on the day and their mood and end up not realising any of them.

At the start of every yoga nidra meditation practice we’re invited to set a ‘sankalpa’ or intention for our practice or life. It’s really important that we do this correctly so that we manifest exactly what we want; if it’s too vague it we get vague back!

Qualities of Your Intention:

It Should Be in the Present Moment:

You want your intention to be stated in the present tense as if it’s happening now and always. There’s no start or end date it just is with you all the time.

It Resonates with You:

You have an inner knowing and feeling that permeates your entire body, mind, gut and cells as something that resonates truly and deeply with your core being.

It is Positive:

It does not need to contain positive words but the meaning should be positive. For example, if you’re grieving someone you can still use a positive intention which could be ‘I accept grief as part of my journey in life.’ It’s best if it does not contain the word ‘not’ such as ‘I do not get angry,’ it would be better to set, ‘I remain calm and collected.’

It is Short:

It should be something that is easy to recall again and again.

But there is a more scientific way based on the ancient yogic philosophy of Yantra to set an intention which I like to call our Master Intention for the year! And this a process I will be sharing in my ENVISION 2022 New Year’s Eve Virtual Retreat.

In Yantra yogic philosophy we move in cycles of 9 years with each year having its own frequency as depicted below.

To find out more you can check out this paper.

In order to calculate which year you’re moving into in you would use your birthday and the current your and then add 1 as follows:

Birth Month + Birth Day + Current Year + 1

So let’s say you’re birthday is 3rd March 1980, so for 2022 you would calculate your Yantra number as follows:

03 + 03 + 2022+1 = 3+3+6+1 = 4

So your year would be 4 and vibrate at the frequency of Weathering – Karmic Examination.

So what do you do with this information when forming your Master Intention?

Well, you create your Master Intention using this information, if you’re in a year 1 then you’d want to think about your life over the next 9 years, what age you are currently, how old you would be in 9 years, what you would like to achieve between now and then. For example, maybe you’re 29 and you’ll be 38 in 9 years, so you might want to find love by then. So you would think about what you need to seed in year 1 to achieve these desires.

You might have been putting off getting on a dating app or seeing a therapist to help you overcome some past relationships you have encountered. You would think about how you get the support you need to love yourself fully and invite another person into your life that doesn’t complete you because you’re already whole but enhances your life. Your intention might be:

“By loving myself, I receive all the help I need.”

“I trust that love can find me.”

“My heart can heal.”

“I deserve to love myself and to be loved.”

“I am prepared to offer the love I expect to receive.”

The best thing about setting the intention is that it’s completely unique to you, to your desires and what you want in life! When you take the time to get really honest with yourself, know what you want and harness the power of vibration to manifest your desires it will almost be impossible for anyone to stop you. Every time you make a decision, this intention will guide you to your highest potential.

Let’s say you have an ex who you know is not right for you, but every now and again he or she pops back into your life for a period of time before you part ways again. When you have your intention very clear and time focused you make the decision not to get involved again the next time you receive a message from them, knowing that you’re on your way to meet the right person.

Over time this can help you in two ways:

1) You begin to trust yourself to manifest what you want in your life rather than flip-flopping between intentions that never seem to manifest.

2) You have a blueprint to create more and more aligned manifestations in your life that are universally aligned.

As an aside this there’s another force at play which comes from the year you were born known as Dharma Marga which I will save for a later post, but is also something we will be calculating in my ENVISION 2022 New Year’s Eve Virtual Retreat.

So how do you program your subconscious mind with this Master Intention?

Yoga nidra meditation is easily the best practice for this! During meditation we move ourselves away from high frequency beta brain waves to the more liminal state of theta or even delta brainwave state (deep dreamless sleep). When we are in this state we can use the yoga nidra meditation to hone into our intention and plant it in our subtle body during the body scan at 61 key points. It’s even better if we do this in a 40 day sadhana (consecutive day practice). When this practice is complete, not only do we consciously know what our Master Intention is, we live by it, it’s infused into our subconscious mind.

I’ll be guiding you through this exact discovery process to find your Master Intention for 2022 and meditation in my ENVISION 2022 New Year’s Eve Virtual Retreat.

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