How Do I Stay Visible and Keep My Job While Working From Home?

In this week’s Mindful Conversation with Karen Kwong Founder of RenOC we explore how do you deal with the job insecurities you might be facing and how do you become more visible while WFH?

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Highlights from this week's conversation:

2:10 mins Karen talks about how the office environment gives the opportunity for informal chats and visibility that are now completely gone.

4:00 mins Karen offers advice on how to manage your insecurities… Sift through the truth and what’s not… our thoughts are not fact. So How are you perceiving things? Can you come up with a different perspective on the thoughts and feelings you’re having?

  1. You are perfectly able for the job because you wouldn’t have gotten it in the first place

  2. It’s about perception - you have to behave that you can do that job.

  3. Be emotionally intelligent.

7:30 mins Karen talks about how to use this opportunity to showcase your strengths to interact with influential people in the organisation. Reach out to them and ask how you can support your colleagues, peers, managers - engage & support others and be visible. Seek advice from a mentor, coach and ask questions.

11:45 mins Davina leads a quick meditation on using the body’s awareness to recognise what YES feel like in the body and what NO feels like so we can begin to attune ourselves to our inner wisdom.

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