Harnessing Agility To Thrive

In a world of increasing complexity following COVID-19 – there are opportunities for agile leaders and managers to re-invent business models and create new avenues of growth. This creative destruction can at times feel wild and scary internally as we try to grasp where the world, our organisations and ourselves are placed in this. But it provides forward-thinking leaders and managers an opportunity to use empathy, emotional intelligence and psychological flexibility to reflect, re-group and re-build.

Karen Kwong, Founder of RenOc will guide you through a case study on how you can use agility to thrive personally and professionally and Davina Ho will guide you through several meditation techniques to become more in tune with your body and make decisions from your inner guidance system.

2:00mins Karen introduces agility for personal and professional growth

4:40mins Survival of the most agile not just fittest

4:53mins Definition of agility - varies

6:09mins Case Study 1 - A Rigid Leader

6:50mins Culture clash despite performing on improving the PnL

8:15mins Mindset and belief turnaround of organisation and individual

9:00mins How agility successfully turned around PnL

10:20mins What is agility and why is it important?

12:40mins Human nature is to resist change - discouraging evolution and agility

14:10mins Why are people resistant to change?

16:40mins Beliefs, thoughts, feelings, attitudes and behaviours and how they influence you

18:30mins Emotions are your internal GPS

20:00mins Science behind psychological flexibility

22:30mins How might this effect me as a leader?

25:50mins How you develop greater agility?

19:15mins How does perfectionism and fear hold you back?

32:17mins Agility in an organisation

35:15mins Case Study II - what happens when you are not agile?

39:05mins Davina introduces how sensing and feeling are available to us first before cognitive thinking

41:00mins Tap into the body and train ourselves to respond differently

41:30mins Sensing questions to feel into the body and listen to its feedback

42:03mins Davina introduces a L.W.E.D. Framework to experience different emotions in the body

43:30mins An iRest® tool in experiencing opposite emotions.

44:50mins Davina guides a 10 minute meditation into sensing and feeling into the body and using opposites

54:00mins Karen discusses her experience from the meditation

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