East Meets West TCM and Ayurveda - Mindful and Responsible Travel Across Asia

In this Mindful Conversation, I speak to Jennifer Huang Founder of Paperclipjenn about her travels across Asia over the last decade and how we can incorporate mindfulness into travel. We also discuss the East Vs West dichotomy of the wellness industry with Asia’s ancient way of lineage-based practices being ignored by the younger generation for Western practitioners who’ve packaged and branded Ayurveda or TCM into more palatable offerings. And check out Jennifer’s amazing conscious book list here

Here are some highlights: 2:00 mins Travel gives you the opportunity to learn something new whether its about yourself, a new culture, stepping out of your comfort zone and being adventurous. 5:00 mins Mindful and responsible travel has already been incorporated into the industry over the last 6 years: Bringing your own water bottle everywhere Supporting local artisans Visiting boutique wellness studios Wellness Retreats and Workshops Hotels cutting back on disposable products 9:10 mins Jennifer and I discuss the East versus West Dichotomy in Wellness. With the roots of TCM and Ayurveda in Asia the younger generation are learning from popular teachers coming from the West.

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