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Demystifying Meditation Hosted By The Health Nag

Meditation is much easier and more accessible than you think and actually would have come naturally to our ancient ancestors. But because life is now so fast-paced and complex the simplicity of meditation and finding stillness can be challenging for most. 

There are so many myths about meditation and people are very confused about how to start a practice. Davina uses various tools from the iRest® meditation protocol a highly accessible and restorative meditation practice that anyone can use. iRest has been proven helpful in alleviating the symptoms of insomnia, PTSD, chemical dependency, chronic pain and stress. 

“Practicing Yoga Nidra is like having a bubble around your body - your inner world and emotions are protected from the world. Lying here in this stillness you can allow anything to arise in this bubble - it’s your sanctuary that you come home time each time you practice.” 


Start at 4 mins to avoid the bad connection during the introduction.

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