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Updated: May 13, 2020

Scott Robinson aka the Yogibanker has been working in the city for almost 20 years and over the last few years has set up a grassroots initiative at the bank he works at. Given the unique pressures of working in a bank, it’s great to see an employee-led program and also that Scott is breaking the stereotype that yoga is for flexible people or just for women. We speak about mental health, McMindfulness and breaking stereotypes.

“You start to see benefits that it brings to your job and you think I would like to share this because there is so much talk on mental health and how to deal with mental health and these things are so accessible for many people. If you take the steps to try it you can see benefits in your life.”

All of Scott’s classes can be seen here and he has a 4 week beginner’s course starting on the 14th May.

1:45 mins Scott talks about how he developed an interest in yoga and mindfulness and how this evolved to a grassroots mission to raise money for charities at the bank he works in.

6:00 mins Scott talks about how the bank he worked at began to embrace yoga and meditation as a well-being offering in the workplace but with initial resistance.

9:30 mins Davina and Scott discuss McMindufulness and whether banks are doing it for well-being or for productivity and their bottom-line.

14:20 mins Scott talks about the unique aspects of finance - driven, intense, focussed, competitive and long-hours. Embodying and understanding the pressures people in this industry are under and the environment they work in helps.

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