Are You Maximising Your Superpowers? - 60 Minute Webinar

Focussing on our strengths takes much less effort than focusing on what we are not good at, which is what most of us do at work. Why are we so focussed on transforming our weaknesses than amplifying our strengths as a leader or team? Only 17% of people spend their time at work playing to their strengths yet it is 8x faster to amplify your strengths than turnaround your weaknesses.

Karen Kwong ( will guide you through a few case studies on how leaders have managed to turnaround their teams and businesses using strengths and Davina Ho ( will guide you on a meditation to find your own innate inner strengths.

5:25 mins Case Study One - on how not using your strengths and the strengths of your team can be detrimental to your career and image as a leader… and how to turn it around using your strengths and your team’s strengths. “Within 2 months of re-focussing the team things were better than normal and within a year her business unit doubled contribution of revenue and she was made a partner.”

11:40 mins Why are strengths important? 8x faster to develop or amplify a strength rather than to try change a weakness.

13:00 mins Using your strengths puts you into Flow state through focus, drive, determination and passion.

17:00 mins Strengths are very empowering for people. People who use strengths daily are 6x more likely to be engaged at work and experience less stress and anxiety.

23:40 mins How do you find your superpowers?

30:32 mins Case Study 2 Karen talks about how two co-founders of a skincare company had a complete breakdown in communication and managed to turn around their differences using strengths, go to market launch and eventually sell the company in 2 years.

38:10 Davina introduces a meditation that will explore your innate inner strengths allowing.

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