Adjusting To Working From Home - Loneliness

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

In this Mindful Conversation, Davina speaks to Sophie Tseung Founder of IntoChange and a NLP practitioner. Moving from a structured daily routine to working from home and being at home 24/7 is a huge shock to our nervous system, as our minds and bodies are habituated to our routine. Not only do we need to put in processes to manage ourselves, we also need to be mindful of other emotions that may bubble to the surface such as feeling lonely. 2:15 mins - Sophie talks about loneliness and how it might be underlying unnoticed and comes to the surface when we spend more time alone 3.15 mins - Davina talks about the difference between solitude and loneliness 4:10 mins - Sophie talks about staying connected to ourselves (our own emotions) which is different from finding connection in others 5:40 mins - Davina talks about feeling at home in the body rather than thinking of it as a physical place and how to invoke that in meditation practice for 2 minutes 6:50 mins - Sophie gives a couple of tips to structure your day to stay connected to ourselves and feel good about ourselves

You can reach Sophie directly through her website IntoChange.

Mindful Conversations will continue... if you have a topic you would like to discuss then please let us know!

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