A Yoga Nidra For Sitting With Stress and Anxiety - World Mental Health Day 2020

World Mental Health Day is the 10th October 2020 - this week I'll be sharing a meditation recording everyday to support mental health and well-being using some of the tools from the iRest protocol, an evidence-based practice.

In life, we know that emotional discomfort and challenges will arrive yet none of us receive training on how to work through these emotional shocks, often unknowingly suppressing them. In this meditation practice, we learn the skill of welcoming and sitting with our emotions even the uncomfortable ones. Most other practices invite you to notice and let go but then we are missing the opportunity to know ourselves better. When we are able to welcome all aspects of ourselves, we find wholeness.

Yoga Nidra Instructions

Yoga nidra is best done lying down in pose called savasana. It can also be done seated or walking but most prefer to receive the full benefits of yoga nidra meditation lying down. Lie on your back, have your palms facing upwards not touching any other part of your body and allow your feet to drop out to the side.

To make yourself comfortable you should lie on a mat or something else that supports you. If you wish you can have an eye mask or something to cover your eyes, small head pillow so your chin is lower than your forehead. Your temperature also drops during the practice so if you feel the cold, have something to cover yourself close by.

Yoga nidra meditation mimics sleep but is much more than our regular night-time practice. We can quickly drop into deeper states of consciousness and brain-wave states that feels like sleep. If, however, you are extremely tired or exhausted you may drift in and out of awareness. Please do not drive immediately after this practice - perhaps leave a 10-15 minute gap or integration period and have some water or tea. Also please set an alarm if you have an important meeting afterwards.

It's a great practice to do for a nap if you’re feeling tired and after a session you might find it easier to think outside the box, do something creative or problem solve because it mimics the same brain wave patterns we have during sleep.

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