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2020 Mindful Reading Gifts To Yourself Or Others For Over The Holidays

Every year I get asked what have I read or what courses would I recommend... this year has been unusual given that there's been no travel, no live trainings or courses that I've attended nor have I been to events such as Afest, Summit or other New Age Conferences where I usually find a lot of excellent materials.

What's been amazing though is that many of the speakers who I love and who I would pay to travel to see have put everything online!! So there's a silver lining in every story!

If you are looking for something to read over the holidays then take a look some of these great books I've read over the year. Otherwise check out platforms such as SoundsTrue and MindValley for courses.

And check out my New Year Manifesting Masterclass on 1st January 2021.

1. Caroline Myss - Medical Intuition

Caroline Myss is one of my favourites spiritual teachers, intuitive healrers and mystics. She puts such an amazing framework on top of events that are indescribable. She's down to Earth, human and has a wonderful voice. I recommend that you look through the library of talks she's done on her website and also listen to this course on Advanced Energy Anatomy. As the pandemic ravaged the world this year it revealed the many wounds humanity has and now as the world begins to heal into 2021 her work on healing will be crucial to co-creating a new conscious, collaborative world.

2. Bliss Brain by Dawson Church

Not only do I teach meditation but I spend a lot of time reading research papers and books on the science of meditation and also altered states of consciousness. This new book by Dawson Church is excellent and dives deep into the world of how our brainwaves can heal and how our 'bliss molecules' can be activated through tapping and meditation. As a teacher of yoga nidra meditation, I know the power of brainwaves in healing and this book has encouraged me to explore bringing bio-feedback into my teaching with clients.

3. Transcend: The New Science Of Self-Actuilization

I've always had a feeling that something is not right with Maslow's human hierarchy of needs... the triangle that we see suggests that self-actualisation is only available to those are wealthy, that doesn't explain why so many rich people are unhappy and why so many monks have found eternal bliss. It never felt right viewing life in this one-dimensional triangle. Then I happened just by chance to see Scott Barry Kaufman speak on a webinar before his book his new book was launched explaining that the triangle never actually came from Maslow... it came from someone else putting Maslow's work into a textbook! Unfortunately, a lot of Maslow's work on Transcdence was never published because it was never finished... he died suddenly at the age of 62 while jogging. Kaufman has done a wonderful job bringing together the idea that self and world are needed to Transcend. What a great message in a year where we have one singular global issue that we are all being required to solve.

4. Dr Gabor Mate: When The Body Says No: The Cost Of Hidden Stress

This heavy hitting book from Dr Gabor Mate delivers home the impact of our core social relationships, personalities and behavioural patterns with illness. He explores the role that the mind-body relationship has in developing diseases such as ALS, cancer, diabetes, asthma and more through his own personal experience of working in a Canadian palliative care unit as well as famous individuals who have had these illnesses such as Betty Ford (breast cancer), Lance Armstrong (testicular cancer) and Ronald Reagan (Alzheimer's). Basically this book wakes us up to the fact that we can no longer ignore the messages the body is sending to us... when we do it can have devastating consequences. As a meditation teacher, I can see the link between stress and health quite clearly in my clients and the importance of re-training the nervous system. Everybody should read this and understand that you have the power to prevent long-term illness through awareness of what makes you you, exploring your core childhood relationships and releasing any stress patterns in your life.

5. Horst Rechelbacker: Minding Your Business - Profits That Restore The Planet

You might not know the author but you will have certainly have heard of the haircare company he founded in 1978, AVEDA. A pioneer in bringing holistic remedies to the world of haircare, Horst was an Ayurvedic scientist and mindfulness practitioner. This wonderful book explores how bringing mindfulness to your business can result in both business and personal success while benefiting the planet. There are so many pockets of wisdom in this book that you can use personally and professionally on aligning corporate interests with personal values. As we all reflect on the sustainability of our planet in the coming decades and explore new models for business, Horst has left us with an invaluable case study on doing business well.

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