Davina is a passionate advocate for sustainability and mindful leadership within organisations as well as elevating the consciousness of humanity using the power of self-awareness techniques such as meditation in healing the systemic issues plaguing our society and planet today.


Davina is a certified yoga and meditation teacher and she teaches her stressed-out clients tools for mental and emotional resilience. She uses various tools from her experience as a yoga teacher and the the iRest® meditation protocol; a highly accessible and restorative meditation practice for everyone that has been proven helpful in alleviating the symptoms of sleep disorders, PTSD, chemical dependency, chronic pain and stress.


She is currently pioneering the use of silent spaces in cities for modern secular contemplative practices through her company INHABIT. 


Davina always had dreams of living and working in Asia being of Eurasian descent. After living in Scotland, China and London, Davina moved to Singapore for work in 2013. She gave up a very successful decade long career in finance in 2016 to Co-Found the mind-body movement practice HASIKO.

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