EVERY MONDAY 8-9pm, Newton

There's something I love about meeting on a Monday to set yourself up for the week. This like-minded group originally started meeting almost 3 years ago on Monday nights to meditate together, share experiences and connect with like-minded people. Recently the group has found that splitting into a male and female group has been useful. So each group meets alternate Mondays.

After the practice, the aim is to create a nurturing and safe environment to connect with each other.

Join us for a varied Meditation Monday class that will cover different styles and topics in meditation. We may focus on honouring silence one week or dealing with powerful emotions the next week. We will practice movement, breathing, sitting meditations, silent meditation, visualisation, yoga nidra and self-inquiry from week to week.

This class is suitable for all levels.

I've practiced guided meditation with Davina for over 6 months during our Meditation Mondays sessions. Davina is a perfect host, her voice is crystal clear, gentle and calm. Meditation is such a rich experience, it brings you thoughts, realisations and visions on whatever current challenges you might have. The environment Davina created was safe, welcoming and nonjudgmental. I feel very lucky that Davina was my first guide into Mediation. 


Every session touches on different subjects, from being a human being, our feelings, emotions, awareness and chakras. The meditations are deep and insightful and incorporate poems and music, which were flawlessly matched to what we were discovering. 

While attending meditation sessions with Davina I was also going through a separate trauma healing journey. I feel that meditation gave me deep insights into my past experiences and helped me to understand the complex and hidden puzzle I was struggling with. It not only complemented my journey but it helped me heal and slowly move forward. I feel that the sessions have brought a lot of awareness to my life and help me to tap into resources that each of us have to live peacefully. 

As none of the sessions were the same, none of the experiences were same either and each session brought various insights. We always stayed after and shared our experiences, it was very safe to do so. If we touched on something we couldn't really understand, Davina shared her knowledge to help us interpret our experiences. I feel it was very beneficial to go through this journey in a group session as we could share and discover the depts of our psyches together.


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