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A comprehensive plan built for you whether you are looking to find stress-free relief or heal from trauma. In all my private sessions, I have discovered that underlying most stress, anxiety and burnout are core beliefs that have yet to be integrated. Healing is a complex process that can often bring up core dynamics from childhood that we are not consciously aware of. Using various tools from bio-feedback, somatic tools, yoga, meditation and dyads the aim is to bring the subconscious programming of the past into the open. Through these gentle awareness techniques you begin to integrate the shadow aspects that have been limiting your ability to lead a life of fulfilment. A lot of emphasis is put on the natural healing and integration of the mind-body system, the aim is to be open and curious to all the experiences that one feels during these sessions and through self-reflection and awareness after the sessions.


Each session is unique to the individual circumstances at hand - no session is the same. Once an initial understanding of what's going on, we explore various tools that can support your well-being. If you are feeling triggered by an episode we could spend the entire session on unraveling the core issues through dyad or work through practical tools to support relaxation of the nervous system. 


I have worked with clients with various needs whether they are are time-starved executives looking to relax or victims of trauma looking for healing. 

Cost for 6 weeks of 1-1 integration work S$3,500 with each session lasting 75-90mins. 

Additional Sessions $500. 

Please note all sessions will be conducted on ZOOM or other digital means until further notice.


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“Davina has been a source of support, healing and inspiration. She teaches me not only what practices to be trying and how to do so but also why something in particular and the benefits to be gained. I am more aware of what my body needs to revitalise and techniques to try when I am feeling stressed and anxious. She listens well, is very conscious of her clients’ needs and has a calming tone and demeanour. I feel fortunate that I met Davina as I am truly enjoying the yoga, meditation and breathing as well as the friendship.”

"I contacted Davina to help me with some deep meditative work to help me with some energy blockages that seemed to be holding me back. The experience was incredible; truly transformative. I found the guided meditation similar to a relaxing therapy session, where the gentle enquiry felt nurturing and safe; I loved that we could explore as little or as much as I was open to. The experience was however very different in other ways - using new techniques I have not encountered - and in terms of results was really powerful, even within one session. Incredible. I throughly recommend working with Davina to anyone who is doing any personal or corporate growth work or who simply wants to build a healthier foundation by finding their true power!"

Stephanie, Chief People Officer 

Hilary, Founder