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1-1 Integration Work


Working Through Challenging Life Events 

Life can sometimes throw up challenges that we are unprepared to deal with whether it’s the loss of a loved one, a separation or loss of a job. We might try to be strong on the outside, or throw ourselves into work or family to cope or we might be completely paralysed by emotions. These emotionally turbulent events pull the rug from under our feet and have a huge impact on our ability to manage day to day life, relationships, make decisions and just feel like ourselves again. 


Many of us have not developed a sense of internal safety in the body as children or in our adult relationships, or we have had it taken away from us through a traumatic episode in our lives.  When our nervous systems remain in a state of hyper-vigilance, our sense of well-being depletes over-time. We might want to run, be defensive, passive and shutdown or aggressive. These are normal responses from the body to protect itself from threat. When the threat has passed ordinarily we return back to homeostasis. If we have not integrated the experience fully it can sit in our body for a long-time triggering us at moments when we feel threatened again.

Working Through Trauma 

Healing is a complex process that can often bring up core dynamics from childhood that we are not consciously aware of. Using various tools from bio-feedback, somatic tools, yoga, meditation and dyads the aim is to bring the subconscious programming of the past into the open. Through these gentle awareness techniques you begin to integrate the shadow aspects that have been limiting your ability to lead a life of fulfilment. A lot of emphasis is put on the natural healing and integration of the mind-body system, the aim is to be open and curious to all the experiences that one feels during these sessions and through self-reflection and awareness after the sessions.

I have worked with the following issues: 


  • Relationship difficulties, separation and divorce 

  • Work stress, burnout, sleep disturbances and toxic work environments 

  • Grief and  life-threatening illness of a loved one 

  • As a complimentary approach to traditional therapy and counseling for trauma or childhood trauma 

  • Changes in life circumstances such as loss of a job and diagnosis of an illness 

  • Sexual trauma, violence, PTSD and CPTSD and domestic abuse

How do we integrate these experiences: 


  • Establishing an internal felt-sense of safety and inner-wellbeing 

  • Somatic tools to soothe and calm the nervous system

  • An understanding of the mind-body connection 

  • Co-meditations or dyads that explore your unconscious world




These sessions provide tools and support for inner peace, health and well-being. This is not talk-therapy, coaching or advice. These sessions provide the space to feel inner-safety and explore difficult emotions, thoughts, stories and patterns. 


Many clients experience:


  • Inner peace and well-being 

  • Self-generated outcomes 

  • Insight and clarity 

  • Enhanced self-awareness 

  • Self-sustaining tools for inner well-being and emotional regulation 


​Please email me for more information or to book an exploratory call.


“Davina has been a source of support, healing and inspiration. She teaches me not only what practices to be trying and how to do so but also why something in particular and the benefits to be gained. I am more aware of what my body needs to revitalise and techniques to try when I am feeling stressed and anxious. She listens well, is very conscious of her clients’ needs and has a calming tone and demeanour. I feel fortunate that I met Davina as I am truly enjoying the yoga, meditation and breathing as well as the friendship.”


Chief People Officer 

"I contacted Davina to help me with some deep meditative work to help me with some energy blockages that seemed to be holding me back. The experience was incredible; truly transformative. I found the guided meditation similar to a relaxing therapy session, where the gentle enquiry felt nurturing and safe; I loved that we could explore as little or as much as I was open to. The experience was however very different in other ways - using new techniques I have not encountered - and in terms of results was really powerful, even within one session. Incredible. I throughly recommend working with Davina to anyone who is doing any personal or corporate growth work or who simply wants to build a healthier foundation by finding their true power!"




What happens in a session? 


  • During the first session we go through what’s happening and what support you need on our journey together. It’s best to arrange to see me once a week for the 6 sessions so that there is continuous support during this period. Some clients book twice a week depending on their circumstances. 

  • Each session is different, we might use somatic tools to regulate the nervous system, or we explore a topic you are finding difficult such as sleep or emotional regulation. 

  • You will also receive a well-being plan that might include daily micro-exercises, breathwork, yoga or meditation recordings to support the development of your inner sense of safety and well-being out in the world. These homework assignments are essential in developing inner safety and emotional regulation. 


What qualifications do you have?


  • I am a certified iRest® teacher. iRest is an evidence-based transformative practice that leads to psychological, physical, and spiritual healing and well-being. Its practice is integrative as it heals the various unresolved issues and traumas that are present in your body and mind. iRest provides you with tools to help you relax deeply, release stress, increase resiliency, improve your interpersonal relationships and provide you with greater mastery and control in your life.

  • iRest gives clients a safe environment to become aware of their most powerful thoughts, emotions and beliefs and a framework of inquiry into them. You may have overwhelming emotions such as sadness or anger, or you may feel blocked and frustrated; whatever is arising for you in the present moment will be safely welcomed and inquired into. 

Are you a psychologist?


  • No I am not a psychologist and do not offer psychology sessions. My work is very different from psychologists, I am not here to diagnose or treat anything. I’m here to provide you tools and support to help you find inner safety and emotional regulation. In psychology sessions there might an emphasis on talking, in these sessions the emphasis is on the body (somatic experience).  I might recommend you visit a psychologist to deal with specific issues that arise during the sessions or you may already be seeing a psychologist and use these sessions to complement that journey. I have worked with psychologists on cases before and happy to discuss your needs at the outset. 


Are you a coach?


  • No I am not a coach and do not offer executive coaching sessions. My work is very different from a coach where the emphasis might be on talking, I focus on the body (somatic experience). I can recommend coaches should the need arise. 

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