Tools For Life

There is no separation between our meditation practice and life. Often we think of meditation as a way to escape or transcend our daily troubles and then wonder why is meditation not working for me? 

Meditation is a practice that allows us to become more self-aware. When we have this awareness we can begin to notice and observe our emotions, thoughts, feelings and beliefs more closely. Meditation is a tool for living life and understanding life: 

Do you know how stress manifests for you?

Can you identify and label specific emotions when they arise? 

Do you know what thoughts and beliefs are true?

What if every time you sat on the mat you discovered something new about yourself. What if you learned to welcome everything that life throws you, the good and the bad and use your meditation practice as a process to being mindful in the rest of your life? 

What is meditation otherwise? We often meditating because life has brought difficulties or obstacles. Perhaps if I meditate I can transcend my problems? Unfortunately, they often show up through repeated behaviours and patterns and we wonder why or blame it on bad luck or other people. 

Inside every human being is the potential greatness! I am here to give you the keys to unlock your own potential. 



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