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"We embody a way of wellbeing and life.  A balance between looking after yourself and thriving in a modern busy world." 

Realise your full potential with leading experts in the fields of business, executive coaching, psychology, stress management, nutrition, yoga, meditation and fitness. 

At ESCAPE, we curate experiences rooted in authenticity, meaning and purpose. Set in exceptional properties around the world, our unique experiences are designed to help you achieve an optimal balance between your mind and body. Immerse yourself in an environment focussed solely on optimising your mental and physical performance with leading experts to become aware of old patterns and program new habits.

Take on the challenges of modern life with renewed purpose. Our philosophy is that life is journey of learning, evolving and growing. Whether you would like to join like-minded individuals at one of our experiences or tailor your own unique experience, our goal is the same: 

  • Discover New Perspectives

  • Redefine Your Wellbeing

  • Create Sustainable Change





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Join Davina for a 3 night intention setting silent retreat in Bali over new year 2021, the perfect beginning to start the new year. 

More details coming soon.

Koh Samui

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Bringing together like-minded people who are interested in improving their quality of life is one of E:SCAPE’s specialties. Their retreats are led by experts in various fields, from executive coaching to stress management, nutrition, fitness and mindfulness. The expert also joins the group activities and meals throughout the day so you also get to build a relationship with them through more informal conversations, giving you unprecedented access to these top experts that you would not have under normal circumstances.


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The energetic duo behind E:scape and wellness brand, Hasiko, are Davina Ho and Zien Wong, two ex-finance professionals who changed their own lives using the same tools they're now advocating for. Says Ho: "Wellness is no longer a niche pastime focusing on your physical health, but it permeates your entire life and the daily decisions you make for yourself. Our focus is on integrating wellness into your life, not about going on detoxes and fitting in as many spa treatments as you can in seven days — although those are great too. It's about learning and taking tools with you so you don't enter a cycle of burning out every six months and then needing another retreat at a health resort. What matters most to us is how our clients feel and how they change their habits back in the real world."


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E:scape is a new wellness concept that tries to bring the benefits of many practices into a week-long retreat. Founded by two professionals from the corporate world, their aim is to combine body, mind and soul in week-long retreats in beautiful surroundings, starting with Koh Samui. Their formula combines yoga, pilates and meditation, something they are both proficient at, with practical group and one-on-one professional coaching sessions with an executive coach to give guests tools to carry on with their newfound self once they go back home. And, as the retreats will take place in great destinations, there is also plenty of time to explore the area with cycling or snorkeling tours, local excursions, cooking classes and relaxing me-time by the pool.

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