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Making The Case For Mindfulness In Organisations


In a lifetime, the average person will spend at least 90,000 hours working. We spend our lives at work and so it’s important that we work in an environment that is conducive to our wellbeing physically, mentally and emotionally. Creating a mindful organisation is one where people feel like they have space to de-compress, relate to one another, be resilient to change and create a more inclusive, thoughtful and empathic culture.

Your people are the bright spark within your organisation - they’re at the frontlines with your customers, they’re generating the next best idea, they are full of potential to change your organisation and the impact it has in the world… but not if they are stressed, tired and burned out and just getting by.

We offer organisations consulting with regards to mental wellbeing, meditation and mindfulness based practices grounded in best practice, research and science. Mindful work cultures are for organisations that understand people are their greatest asset. Each individual has the potential to do great things... personal transformation creates thriving organisations and eco-systems that can ripple into social transformation. 

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How Can We Help?


Insightful transformative workshops delivered through lectures, direct experience of the tools in practice, sharing and journaling. 

A one-off or a series of workshops designed to meet your needs: 

  • Stress Management

  • Emotional Resilience 

  • Mental Wellbeing and Awareness 

  • Mindful Leadership 

  • Creativity 

Mindfulness Consulting

True change starts from within, so being mindful about bringing mindfulness to your organisation's employees is important:

  • Understanding your organisation's culture and values. 

  • Understanding what type solutions are needed for your organisation such as mental health and wellbeing. 

  • Providing recommendations for internal or external programs. 

  • Survey data collection across the organisation.  

  • Implementing a sustainable program. 

Mindfulness Coaching

Supporting and nurturing your talent through individual coaching during personal or work stress. 

Individual Coaching on Mindfulness using iRest®. Great for:  

  • Managing stress or mental wellbeing 

  • Leadership decision-making

  • Transitions within in the workplace 

A company treats its people with dignity and respect. It honours diversity and strives for continuous improvements in working conditions and employee well-being. In a world of rapid change, a company fosters continued employability through ongoing upskilling and reskilling.