Benefits For Companies:


  • A mentally healthy, happy and engaged workforce

  • Reduced absenteeism and presenteeism   

  • A virtual workshop format to bring together teams across geographies

Delivered through 4x 2 hours of webinars or one full day or a 60 minute introduction.

Benefits For Individuals:

  • Re-align with your own personal values and purpose

  • Take increased sovreignty over your life and decisions by re-framing negative experiences as opportunities for growth 

  • Improve relationships personally and professionally

A shortened version delivered through a 4x 30 minute online webinars.

A recent CEO survey from Deloitte discovered that companies are reframing 2020 as an opportunity to become more human and take a pro-active approach to mental health and wellbeing:

Perhaps because of what the pandemic has taught us, it’s also a world in which human issues will stay top of mind—even as CEOs continue to acknowledge an unprecedented digital shift over the past year. When we asked CEOs to name “one good thing that came out of the pandemic,” about one in six touched on the acceleration of change and digital transformation, while slightly more than one in 10 said it was time with family and family bonds—a more personal answer. An overwhelming majority of CEOs (98%) agreed that employee mental health and well-being will continue to be a priority even after the pandemic is resolved.

About Your Instructors:


Karen Kwong  (Founder of RenOC) and Davina Ho (Founder of Potentiality) provide a fresh perspective empowering people and organisations to thrive. The course is based on specific, proven and effective psychological interventions from Karen Kwong, an executive coach and organisational psychologist. And somatic mindfulness techniques that train you to use the intelligence of the body from meditation and mindfulness expert Davina Ho.


Both also have a significant amount of experience working in financial services. 

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